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When vegetarians are asked why they are vegetarians, many answer that it is immoral to eat animals.

This is an interesting world in which we live. Everything is eventually eaten–consumed–by everything. Countries even eat countries–for example, Tibet being consumed by China. People eat people (on occasion); people eat animals, vegetables, fruit, fungi, insects, etc. Animals eat animals, people (on occasion), vegetables, fruit, insects. etc. Vegetables eat the nutrients in the soil, including minerals, and animal and vegetable remains. Eventually, everthing eats everything.

To take the life of a living being in order to survive is immoral to some, especially the taking of animal life. However, to deny that vegetables and fruit also have consciousness, the preference to go on living, to reproduce by dropping seeds, is in fact an error. There have been famous studies to prove that vegetables, even though they are not ambulatory, have feelings, feel pain, and take steps to avoid losing life.

Following this trend of thought, the only ‘moral’ thing to eat might be fruit, which has dropped off the tree and is ripe to the point of scattering its seeds.

On another level, there is the illusion that duality, not Oneness, is the reality. There are no real personalities within the bodies of any species. Personality is the figment of the mind’s imagination. There is only consciousness, and consciousness is One. These human bodies (and the bodies of all other species) are but containers for the existence of consciousness. No one ever dies…only the containers stop functioning. Is there any real difference, then, in which bodies are consumed?

For humans, fruit is the easiest solid food to digest, then vegetables and meat in descending order. It is probably wise to be a vegetarian for that reason. When involved in deep spiritual study, it is also wise to stay ‘light’, eating vegetables and fruit, which have a higher, faster vibration.  But a moral decision not to eat meat–is questionable.